On Thanksgiving Day, 2011, Mary Eve Thorson sacrificed her life in order to make the world aware that teachers were being abused and the children were suffering as a direct consequence.  Mary Eve was a wonderful and talented teacher who referred to her students as her "babies."  The Mary Eve Thorson Scholarship Fund will provide a $250 Monetary Gift annually to a deserving grammar school or high school student.  The award will be presented in Mary Eve's memory through the TEACHERS FOR MARY  organization.

If a teacher would like to nominate a special child, then please use our contact page and include your institution's information.  You may also write directly to: teachersformary@hotmail.com.  We will base our decision on academic progress, good behavior, and need.  There is no required form to complete.  It's as simple as explaining why your student deserves this recognition.  And most significant, the student doesn't need to be an 'A' or 'B' achiever.  As long as the child has made clear strides toward improving  his/her scholastic standing,  it will be deemed satisfactory for our purposes.  Nomination submissions will be accepted until March 31st of each year.  The selected school will be notified before the end of April; and, a representative from TEACHERS FOR MARY will present this extremely important award.  Thank You.


If your school would be interested in viewing the film based upon Mary Eve Thorson's death, then please click onto the title of the documentary, DYING TO TEACH: The Killing of Mary Eve Thorson, "Educators Who Bully".  The film was requested by the SAVE OUR SCHOOLS organization for its conference in Washington, D.C., in August of 2012.  There is no charge to watch the film; and, it may be downloaded for your convenience.